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Radiant Ink at Think Coffee and Ink + is a studio where we value transparency in our work ethic and through the process of tattooing. In our glass studio you can come see our qualified and fully licensed artist at work. We welcome customers' personal designs, but also offer custom work and cover ups.


We take pride in our work as we understand that tattoos mark our customers lives. This is why our artist reserve the right to decide which tattoos they agree to do. Our base price is £80, which is also the price per hour, and you'll receive a drink on us for every work of art. We require a £20 deposit for larger tattoos, which will be discussed via email when making bookings.

We are able to give a quote by phone or email as we usually give a set price for the design depending on the size and detail that it entails.


To book an appointment for your next tattoo, reach out to us in the contact section of this website or send an email to: 

Please help yourself and check at our instagram account bellow to see some previous work.


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