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about our
about our


We serve speciality coffee from Fireheart Coffee Roasters, a selection of teas and other hot drinks such as chai and hot chocolate. We bake our pastries and cakes in-house, and offer a great all day brunch & lunch menu.



Espresso                            £2.60

Machiatto                            £2.80

Flat White/Cortado             £3.10

Cappuccino                        £3.30

Latte                                    £3.30

Mocha                                 £3.30

Chai Latte                           £3.20

Hot Chocolate                    £3.20

Matcha                                £3.40


Tea                                      £3.00

English Breakfast              

Earl Grey                        




Lemon & Ginger


Milkshakes                         £4.50

Smoothies                          £4.00

Ham & Cheese Toastie £7.50

Ham and cheddar on sourdough bread, ask us about sauces or add ons.



House Salad £7.50

Grilled halloumi on a bed of mixed salad leaves with seasonal fruit, toasted pecans, shallots and balsalmic glaze.

Add chicken £2.50

about our


Radiant Ink at Think Coffee and Ink + is a studio where we value transparency in our work ethic and through the process of tattooing. In our glass studio you can come see our qualified and fully licensed artist at work. We welcome customers' personal designs, but also offer custom work and cover ups.


We take pride in our work as we understand that tattoos mark our customers lives. This is why our artists reserve the right to decide which tattoos they agree to do. Our base price is £80, which is also the price per hour, and you'll receive a drink on us for every work of art. We require a £20 deposit for larger tattoos, which will be discussed via email when making bookings.

We are able to give a quote by phone or email as we usually give a set price for the design depending on the size and detail that it entails.

about our


Our heart is to provide a safe space to bring down barriers and break normal standards in the beauty industry. We would love to be able to reach out to vulnerable adults to give them a safe space where they can feel pampered and loved with no alternative motive. We believe that there is beauty in every person and we seek to only accentuate that beauty.


  • Haircut- £18

  • Buzz cut- £12

  • Under 10 and seniors- £10

  • Beard detailing- starting at £5

  • Colour- starting at £25


  • Blow dry and style- £20

  • Cut- £35

  • Cut, wash, style- £40

  • Under 10 and seniors- £15

  • Fringe trim- FREE

  • Undercut- £10

  • Designs £5

  • Partial Highlight- £75

  • Full Head of Highlights- £100 Additional foils- £2

  • Balayage- £90

  • Root Retouch- £50

  • All Over Permanent - £70

  • Fashion Colour- starting at £40 per hour  

     (additional costs include amount of product, length of hair, and lightening)

  • Toner- £35 (£20 with colour service)

  • Blank Canvas- £15

  • Bleach and Tone- £60

  Add Ons:

  • Extra Lightener - £5(per bowl)

  • Extra Colour - £10

  • Blank Canvas- £15

50% off haircut with colour service ------£20

Refund Policy

Here at Think+ we do everything in our power to achieve a desirable outcome for our guests. In the event that this does not occur, please see our refund policies below. If something is wrong or you are unsatisfied with your hair result, please contact us within ONE week of your appointment. We will offer a complimentary re-do of your service to adjust anything that is needed. In the event that we are unable to make the needed adjustments, we will offer a refund. *We have the right to refuse service or refund if the stylist and managers here at Think+ see fit.


Cancellation/Late Policy


As a single-chair salon, we take joy in giving our clients very individual and personal appointments. This does require us to book our appointments very carefully, please see below for our policies on appointment cancellations and late fees. *Please give us a 24-hour notice if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment. *We will allow up to 20 minutes for you to arrive at your appointment. After this time we will consider it a “no show”. After two no shows we will require a deposit of 20% of your appointment total upon rescheduling. Note that we may not be able to provide the same service if you are more than 20 minutes late. This may result in the service not being completed (blow dry, style, etc) or a complete reschedule being needed.

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